Sunday, October 5, 2014

[zei the MOM] Random ramblings

It's 3AM and I am nowhere near being sleepy again, so here I am yet again, recording my thoughts on motherhood mostly, because in exactly 5 days, I will be a mom of 2 girls and I don't really know what it will be like, but I'm pretty sure it will be different from what I know of motherhood now.
I'm glad I get to take a leave from work before I give birth so I could spend as much time with Zia as I can before her little sister arrives, but I'm also sad that I can't play too much with her because of my 37/38 week belly. Anyway, spending time with Zia got me thinking of how life will be with 2 kids. I read an article shared by a friend that the second child really gets less than what was given to the first child - and they say it as if it's a fact. But I refuse to accept it as early as now. So now that I still have the time to devote equal time to my daughters, I shall write about both of them (in the utero), so at least I also have a digital record of it since I haven't even really worked on Zia's baby book, so I don't think Rio's will be any different this time around.
My memories of Zia in the utero...
- I called her sweet pea because I knew from the start that she would be a girl
- I prayed for her every day at work when I had some quiet time
- I had morning sickness for the 1st trimester only
- She was an active baby but in a gentler way
- I read Dr. Seuss' 'Oh the places you will go' to her mostly at night
- Smooth sailing pregnancy
- I was fuller
- I craved a lot of cheese
- I had a smaller baby bump
- Born via emergency CS
My memories of Rio in the utero...
- I call her baby girl
- I prayed the same prayer as with Zia every day at work when I had some quiet time
- My morning sickness lasted until my 5th month
- She's a very active baby, with bigger more forceful moves
- I played Ode to joy to her using a music box
- I was a bit more sickly the 2nd time around
- Didn't gain that much weight but my belly is really really huge and I am carrying low
- I crave for cheese and chocolate
- To be born via scheduled CS
These are just to name a few, but you see the significant differences. So I'm feeling that my husband and I are really in for a different ride this time around. But we're all looking forward to meeting our 2nd darling daughter. If she happens to be similar to how her ate was when she was a baby then that would be great, if not, then that would be great too. :) At the end of the day, my only hope is for my two girls to grow up loving each other the way only sisters can.
It's exactly 3:40 AM and the husband and daughter are fast asleep beside me. In the coming weeks, I'd probably still be awake at this hour, but not because I'm writing, but because I'll probably be busy with the newest addition to our family. Oh, I can't wait. :)
Have a blessed Sunday!