Monday, May 14, 2012

[Shopaholic Zei] Excited about my new go-to store!

You probably all know that I love shopping for Zia and now I'm even more excited about shopping for her in my new-found store - F&X. It's been around for awhile and I've passed by it a couple of times already without bothering to go in. But I'm glad I went in this time. I found super adorable clothes for kids - from Carebears, florals, Disney and Hello Kitty. They have it. I love the Vintage vibe and most of all, I love how the clothes are very resonably priced. I can't wait to shop there again - maybe this time I'll also throw in stuff for me and for the husband. I'm loving their SM Masinag branch because it's well stocked an it's the closest to where I live. Check out Zia's new loot from F&X, all for Php 1,300. Not bad at all. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

[Zei the MOM] My mom, my role model

Mom, because of you, I know I have the makings of a great mom. :) I learned from the best and it runs in my blood. :) 
Happy Mother's Day Mom! 
I love you! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Zei the MOM] My Mother's Day Promise

Just a few days ago, an old video cropped up on Facebook, it was that of a woman purposely beating a baby. I didn’t even play the video and I felt my heart breaking already just by seeing the still shot. Yahoo news reported it since it gained around 16,000 recent views and reassured those who viewed it that the incident happened last year in Malaysia and the crazy woman was given an 18-month sentence. Although I don’t think 18 months is punishment enough, I’m pretty sure the baby is in safe hands and definitely not with the mother.

If I had seen this back when I was single I would’ve shed a couple of tears, but now that I’m a mom to such a darling baby girl, it hits home and I feel anger – anger that there are mothers who can hurt their child that much. I know it’s harsh to say this, but I don’t think mothers who physically abuse their children deserve to be called mothers.

So for this mother’s day, I promise to give Zia nothing but love. I promise not to hurt her and I promise to protect her from any harm as much as I possibly can.

Here’s praying for all mothers on mother’s day, to realize that we’ve all been given the greatest blessing in the form of our children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow moms! Happy Mother’s Day to the best moms in my world – my very own mom and my mother-in-law!  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Zei on Career & Passion] Pinning the night away!

Because of one sleepless night wee hours of the morning after Zia's 3AM feeding, I found myself finally giving in  to the happiness and hullabaloo that is Pinterest. My SIL (hi Sarah!) told me about this app way way before, but I don't know why I didn't take much notice then. A couple of my friends have told me even before that I'd love Pinterest, and love it at first use I did. It's a great tool for anyone I'd like to think, but it's even greater for brides-to-be, homemakers and event planners. I would've joined the bandwagon earlier had this been around when I was planning my own wedding back in 2009. Albeit 2 years too late for my own wedding planning, I could still put it to good use for party planning for Zia and home decorating and anything under the sun that could use some inspiration. Check out my boards! Shout out to my good friend Barre for the invite. So yes, as you may have derived from this post, I am officially a happy pinner!