Sunday, October 7, 2012

[Zei the foodie] Wishing for a jolly jeep renaissance

I love watching Eat St. in Lifestyle network whenever I catch it after work, never mind that the show always leaves me hungry and wishing I could be transported to the streets of San Francisco, California and New York to get a bite of all the yummy and interesting food they feature.

The show features the food truck invasion in the US wherein different cuisines from all parts of the world are sold by food trucks - food so yummy, the goers sometimes line up for quite some time just to buy these hunger busters that they say could easily rival food from fine dining restaurants. 

Watching Eat St. has made me wish for a revamp of our very own Jolly Jeep. I worked in Makati for 2 and a half years before and I used to buy lunch and merienda from these Jolly Jeeps, but I truly believe in my heart of hearts that these fast food on wheels could take their game a notch higher. Wishing that someday maybe the best Greek Gyro, Mexican Taco, New York Cheesecake or other what-have-yous could be bought from our very own Jolly Jeeps and just like in the US, eating in the streets might never be the same again.

Just thinking out loud. :)

This post has gotten me hoping to cap off this weekend with yummy food. =p