Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Bag gods, hear my prayer(s)

I've always though motherhood would change me - in terms of my wants, but I don't think the change (if any) has taken effect yet, my insatiable need for new bags is still as strong as ever. Such is its strength that I felt the need to blog about it - which meant I had to bring my laptop in bed so I could blog beside our baby girl's rocker where she's fast asleep at the moment (thus allowing me to sneak a quick post). Anyway, I just really wanted to share how much I've always wanted a black PRADA tote bag like this, but it's too pricey for me, but maybe in the near future, if disposable income pours in.
Photo from

But for now, while the PRADA project is still on the works, these two babies are on my PASAP list (Purchase as soon as possible/pwede/payagan). Took the photos from a local online bag seller Bags R Us (!/profile.php?id=100000919569782). Hopefully I get to buy the bags soon, maybe in time for November, when I start work after my maternity leave.

Mint/Ocean green Le Pliage

Black CK nylon tote

Bag gods, I've been very good this year, please make my wishes come true. I promise to put my future pretty bags to good use. =p

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